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Have you installed hurricane windows? Doors? Shutters on your home? Have you had a Wind Mitigation completed ?

Insurance  company‘s  use  a  wind  mitigation  report  to  possibly  decide  what  if  any  discounts  on  your  insurance  they will  give  you,  The  money you  could possibly  save*  could  more  than  pay  for  the wind  mitigation  report, in  some  cases.  

* We  cannot  guarantee  you  will  receive  a  discount  or  save on  your  insurance.  We  can  provide you  with a  through  confidential  report  with  pictures, which  you can  then  share with your  insurance  company.

Veterans, Active Duty, First Responders

Florida  Premier  Home  Inspections,  LLC is  Veteran  Owned and  operated.  As a  way of  saying thank  you  we are  giving  a 10 %  discount  on  the cost  of  inspection(s)  to all  Veterans,  Active  Duty, and  First  Responders,  please  let  us  know  when  you  setup the  appointment.  


If you have a question send us an email and we will reply.   The  question , could  end  up making  it on  to our page.